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Spring as has sprung !

Today the weather was perfect for gardening.

Considering we have had little to no rain, I am amazed at the determination of weeds...however, to turn them into the soil, as long as they had not seeded, gave great satisfaction to see their fate come to an end as they will add nutirents back to where they came from. Viva forthcoming veg !

Our garden is shapping up nicely..many plots of onions, garlic, seedlings and some winter veg. It will be exciitng to see what our gardners will plant this year, what will be sucessfull or...

Over the winter it is easy to forget how wonderful it is to get your hands in the soi!

Add to the blog and let your fellow gardners know what your favorite veg is, what plants work and don't for you.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, happy gardening !

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